2023-06-20 Updates

1. Addition of Container Component

The old Group component has been reborn as the Container component.

As a new Container component, a property called "Add background color" has been added. If this option is turned off, it will function the same as the previous Group component.

The main use case for "Add background color" is to group the placed widgets with a container and build a more visually appealing screen.

2. Change in validation for numeric type Input component

For the Input component, when the type is set to Number, the validation used to be Max length and Min length, but with this update, it has been changed to Maximum and Minimum.

The validation has been changed to validate the numeric value instead of the length of the characters.

3. Fallback added to each item of the widget

If the referenced value in each item is null or undefined, it will now fallback to the zero value of each item's type (in the case of String, it will be "").

This eliminates the need for handling like {{ ? || "" }}, and simply writing {{ }} will no longer result in null being displayed.