What is Querier?

What is Querier?

Querier is a low-code tool that enables rapid and flexible construction of internal management interfaces, tailored to scale with your business.

Business sides often need CRUD operations and the engineering tasks outside of product development consume a significant amount of developers' time in building and maintaining management interfaces.

Using Querier, you can provide the necessary management interfaces to your internal teams much faster than developing from scratch, by dragging and dropping UI elements and scripting backend processes with SQL or JavaScript.

Four Steps to Start with Querier

1. Connect your data source to Querier

Here’s how to connect a data source:

  1. Click [Resources] at the service top.
  2. Click [Create].
  3. Select the type of data source you want to connect.
  4. Enter the connection information for the selected data source.

2. Create a page

Here’s how to create a page:

  1. Click [Create new] next to [All].
  2. From the dropdown menu, click [Create page].
  3. Change the page name to a desired name.
  4. Hover over the created page and click [Edit].

3. Write a query

Here’s how to write a query:

  1. Click [Create] next to [Dataflows].
  2. Select the data source you connected earlier under [Select resource].
  3. Write a query for the selected data source. (The query configuration items vary depending on the data source)

4. Place components and link them to the query

Here’s how to link components to a query:

  1. Drag and drop a [Table] component from the right navigation to the central canvas.
  2. Enter {{ }} in the right navigation’s [Data].