Data sources
Connect Databses



Add IP Address to Whitelist

Please add the following IP address to the whitelist in your database firewall rules:

Connection Method

1. Create a new data source connection

  1. Click the [Resources] tab.
  2. Click the [Create] button next to [Resources].
  3. Select [MongoDB].

2. Enter the connection information

Common Items

NameEnter the name of the MongoDB connection (e.g., Querier DB).
Connection MethodChoose either Standard or DNS Seed List.
Database NameEnter the database name of the MongoDB you are connecting to.
Database UsernameEnter the database username for the MongoDB connection.
Database PasswordEnter the password for the MongoDB connection.
SSL ConnectionWhether to connect to the database via SSL.

When connecting via DNS Seed List

HostEnter the host of the MongoDB connection (e.g.,

※ For users of version 3.6 or above, it is recommended to connect using DNS Seed List.

When connecting via Standard

HostEnter the host of the MongoDB connection (e.g.,
PortEnter the port for the MongoDB connection (e.g., 27017).