Managing Page Versions

Managing Page Versions

What is Version Control?

You can save changes to each page as versions and publish them. It is also possible to revert the current page being worked on to a previous version.

Saving and Publishing Versions

Immediately after creating an app, there are no versions.

If no versions exist, the changes made in the editor are directly reflected in the preview.

Saving Versions

Click the menu icon at the top left of the edit screen, and at the bottom of the page list, you can create a version from [No releases created].

Select the version to save, leave the necessary notes, and then save the version.

Just saving does not yet reflect it in the preview.

Publishing Versions

Press "Publish this version" from the menu of the saved version to reflect the saved version in the preview. If "LIVE" appears next to the published version, it was successful.

Select "Save and Publish" from the options next to the save button to save and publish simultaneously.

Once a version is published, the edits made in the editor will not be immediately reflected. If you want to publish what you have edited, follow the steps mentioned earlier, save a new version, and publish it.

Reverting Versions

With the revert function, you can replace the current edit with a past version. To revert, simply press "Revert to this version" from the menu of a past version.

Reverting will make the editing screen identical to the past version, and it will be in an unsaved state as a version. To publish the reverted state, follow the save → publish flow mentioned above.