Data sources
Connect APIs


At Querier, you can integrate with various APIs through the GraphQL interface. From your own GraphQL APIs to those provided by external services, you can connect using this connector.

Connection Method

1. Create a new data source connection

  1. Click the [Resources] tab.
  2. Click the [Create] button next to [Resources].
  3. Select [GraphQL].

2. Enter the connection information

NameEnter the name for your GraphQL connection (e.g., Querier API).
Base URLEnter the base URL for the GraphQL connection (e.g.,
HeadersSpecify the headers to include with every request to GraphQL in key-value pairs. \n(e.g., Key: Authorization, Value: Bearer XXX)

IP Address Restriction

Requests are sent from the following fixed IP address, allowing you to restrict access based on IP address.