New Page UI: Updated for easier page management 🚀

Hello everyone, this is the Querier development team.

We have received requests for easier management when the number of pages increases, and finally, the page management UI has been significantly updated.

The experience is vastly different from before, so we will explain in detail below.

Folders and Pages

The concept of apps and pages has been reborn as the concept of folders and pages.

The new folders can be nested for management, making it easier to manage pages.

Additionally, pages can now be placed at the root, increasing the flexibility of page placement.

Placement by Drag & Drop

The position of new pages and folders can now be changed by dragging and dropping from the page list screen at the top of the service and the page list screen in the edit screen.

Page Permission Management

Previously, members/permission groups were added to the app, and then permissions were set for each page. From now on, the specification has been changed to directly add members/permission groups to the page and set permissions.

Change in Access to Page List from Edit Screen

With this update, the specification has been changed to display the page list from the menu icon in the upper left of the edit screen.

Change in Access to Version Control

With this update, the page list is displayed from the menu icon in the upper left of the edit screen, and the access to version control has been moved to the bottom of the list.