2023-10-11 Updates

Hello everyone, this is the Querier development team.

In this update, we made several feature updates that have been requested by customers for some time.

The updates are as follows:

1. Button color change

The supported components are as follows:

  • Button
  • Modal
  • File
  • Table (Button/Modal column)

2. Added various authentication options

You can select authentication options from the REST API and GraphQL integration screens. The authentication options supported in this update are as follows:

Basic Authentication

Set a username and password.

Bearer Authentication

Set a Bearer token. When making a request, the header will be set in the form of Authorization: Bearer <set token>.

Custom Header

Set a custom header. The difference from normal Headers is that the Value is encrypted and stored.

Auth0 Authentication

Set Client ID, Client Secret, Audience, and Domain.

※The header where the token is set is Authorization by default.

For more details, please see here (opens in a new tab).

3. Added "Download" to events

You can download data retrieved from Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage. For more details, please see here (opens in a new tab).